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Welcome to the Brow lab! We are trying to understand how the chemical properties of RNA and protein have been exploited by evolution to enable complex biological processes, such as pre-mRNA splicing and transcription termination. We use the awesome power of brewer’s yeast genetics, genomics, and biochemistry to explore the workings of two biological nanomachines: the spliceosome and RNA polymerase. Check out our “Research” page for an overview of our studies, and the “Publications” page for our recent work. Also check out the “Lab Members” page to find out what our past members are up to now!

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Brow Lab News

January 2022: We are excited to welcome Kylie Zawisza to our lab for her PhD studies in the IPiB program!

Recent Publications

Mabin, J.W., P.W. Lewis, D.A. Brow, and H. Dvinge. (2021). Human spliceosomal snRNA sequence variants generate variant spliceosomes. RNA 27: 1186-1203

Montemayor EJ, Virta JM, Hayes SM, Nomura Y, Brow DA, Butcher SE. (2020). Molecular basis for the distinct cellular functions of the Lsm1-7 and Lsm2-8 complexes. RNA 26:1400-1413. PMCID: PMC7491322

Brow DA. (2019) An allosteric network for spliceosome activation revealed by high-throughput suppressor analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics 212:111-124. PMCID: PMC6499515 (Highlighted article)

Didychuk AL, Butcher SE, Brow DA. (2018) The life of U6 small nuclear RNA, from cradle to grave. RNA 24:437-460. (Review) corresponding author

Montemayor EJ, Didychuk AL, Yake AD, Sidhu GK, Brow DA, Butcher SE. (2018) Architecture of the U6 snRNP reveals specific recognition of 3′-end processed U6 snRNA. Nature Communications 9:1749. corresponding authors