Lab Members

Dr. David Brow, Principal Investigator

Emma Goguen, IPiB Graduate Student

Moyao WangMoyao Wang, IPiB Graduate Student

Kylie Zawisza, IPiB Graduate Student

Former Brow Lab Members:

Graduate Students

David Fortner

Credentials: PhD 1995

David Fortner (PhD 1995): Dr. David M. Fortner is a patent attorney with an independent practice in La Jolla, CA. His practice focuses on patent litigation and prosecution in the areas of biotechnology and life sciences. Prior to receiving his JD degree at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Dave was a Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Riverside. He was also an NIH postdoctoral fellow with Dan Gallie at UCR and Roy Parker at Univ. of Arizona.

Michael Kaiser

Credentials: PhD 1995

Dr. Michael W. Kaiser is Director, Research & Technology at Exact Sciences in Madison, WI, where he is developing new assays for the early detection of cancers. Previously, he was Senior Principle Scientist at Hologic, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Prior to that he was a Senior Scientist at Third Wave Technologies Inc. in Madison, WI, where he worked since 1996. Mike led the process validation for Third Wave’s human papilloma virus test, which was approved by the FDA as an in vitro diagnostic and contributed to the sale of Third Wave to Hologic in 2008 for $580 million.

Valerie Gerlach

Credentials: PhD 1996

Dr. Valerie L. Gerlach is Associate Director of Medical Writing at Astellas. Previously, she held similar positions at Bristol Myers Squibb, Celgene, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Schering Plough, and CuraGen. Val enjoys seeing information on all the different types of drugs that the company is developing and has gained an appreciation for the hard work that goes into getting a new medicine approved. Prior to becoming a medical writer, Val was an NIH postdoctoral fellow with Errol Friedberg at Univ. of Texas Southwest Medical Center and a Senior Research Scientist at CuraGen Corporation.

Liana S. Loos-Austin

Credentials: M.S 1996

Zairong Li

Credentials: PhD 1997

Dr. Zairong Li is an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Medgar Evers College, City University of New York. He is the course coordinator for the majors’ biology course and also teaches the genetics course. Previously, he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Robert Margolskee at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

Regina Vidaver

Credentials: PhD 1999

Dr. Regina M. Vidaver is the Section Chief of Chronic Disease Prevention and Cancer Control at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services in Madison, WI and a city Alder for District 5 of Madison, WI. Previously, Regina held managerial positions at the Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN) of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, the National Lung Cancer Partnership (now Free to Breathe), and the Society for Women’s Health Research in Washington, DC. She also served as an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Engineering Fellow at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA.

Michael Martin

Credentials: PhD 2003

Dr. Michael P. Martin is Associate Dean of Science, Health, and Math and Professor of Biology at John Carroll University, a Jesuit college in Cleveland, OH. Prior to accepting the leadership position, Mike taught Introductory Biology, Biotechnology Laboratory, and Molecular Cell Biology. Mike’s research interests include protein-DNA interactions in the process of transcription and classification of cyanobacteria according to rRNA secondary structure and the unprocessed rRNA precursor. He also developed an undergraduate laboratory exercise to determine human ABO blood type by PCR genotyping.

Sharon S. Kwan

Credentials: PhD 2005

Dr. Kwan is Associate Director of External Research Collaborations at GNF in La Jolla, CA. Previously, she held positions at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Life Technologies, City of Hope, and the Scripps Research Institute (SRI), where she worked at the interface of intellectual property, technology development, and business development. She was also an American Heart Association postdoctoral fellow in Jamie Williamson’s lab at SRI, where she studied protein-RNA interactions.

Bahman Panbehi

Credentials: MS 2006

Dr. Panbehi is a board-certified pediatrician and a hospitalist at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, CA. Previously he was a Resident in Pediatrics at CHOC, after receiving his MD at UW-Madison in 2008.

Jing Chi

Credentials: MS 2007

C. Joel McManus

Credentials: PhD 2007

Dr. McManus is a tenured Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and co-director of the Masters in Computational Biology Program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Joel uses yeast to study the evolution of translational regulation by ribosome profiling and other approaches. His current focus is on regulation of translation by upstream ORFs (uORFs), which are surprisingly abundant in the 5’-UTRs of mRNAs. He was previously a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Brenton Graveley at the University of Connecticut Health Center, where he studied the evolution of alternative splicing in Drosophila.

Jason N. Kuehner

Credentials: PhD 2008

Dr. Kuehner is a tenured Associate Professor of Biology at Emmanuel College in Boston, where he recently received a Faculty Excellence in Teaching award. Previously he was an NIH TEACRS postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Claire Moore at the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. TEACRS (Training in Education And Critical Research Skills) provides teaching and career development skills in addition to lab research experience. As part of his TEACRS program, Jason taught genetics as an adjunct professor at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston. Jason’s research focuses on the coordination of mRNA 3′-end processing with cellular stress responses.

Xin Chen

Credentials: PhD 2015

Dr. Chen is a Research Scientist at GeneSeeq Technology, Inc., a precision oncology company based in Toronto, Canada. Previously, Xin was postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Xiaomin Bao at Northwestern University, where he studied the influence of intronic polyadenylation on epidermal stem cell maintenance and differentiation.

Erica Shand

Credentials: CMB PhD 2022


Dr. Erica Shand (née Schwotzer) joined the Brow lab in 2016 as an NSF Graduate Research fellow and took over the IMD2 gene expression project. In collaboration with Megan McClean’s lab she optimized our live-cell, quantitative microscopy platform and collected extensive data on changes in Imd2 levels in response to small molecule inducers and repressors in a 2-D model of yeast colony growth. Erica is currently exploring career options.

Justin Mabin

Credentials: CMB PhD 2023

Dr. Justin Mabin joined the Brow and Lewis labs in 2019 as an NSF Graduate Research fellow, after spending two years in Heidi Dvinge’s lab. He continued his project from the Dvinge lab investigating the functions of human variant spliceosomal snRNAs, focusing on U5 snRNA. Justin is currently a Vaughan postdoctoral fellow in the lab of J. Robert Hogg at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of NIH, where he is studying how snRNA biogenesis and splicing fidelity influence post-transcriptional RNA decay in human cells.

Co-Advised Graduate Students

Kaitlin Sundling

Credentials: PhD 2012, primary advisor Gheorghe Craciun

Dr. Sundling is an Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UW-Madison. Kaitlin received her MD degree in 2013 and stayed at UW-Madison to do a residency in Pathology. She completed a fellowship in cytopathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2018. Her research interests included molecular diagnostics, image analysis, machine learning, digital pathology, and mathematical oncology.

Dr. Eric J. Steinmetz
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Dr. Janina Görnemann
Dr. Steven Martin-Tumasz
Dr. Eric Montemayor
1992-1997 Jane Coffin Childs Fellow
1997-2001 DFG Fellow
2006-2008 DFG Fellow
Dr. Eric J. Steinmetz
Dr. Eric Montemayor
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Elsie I. Parés-Matos 2003 UPR-Mayaguez
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Gloria Brar
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1998 Middleton HS
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